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Your host, Simon Rooke, originally from Motueka, found his calling in the small town of Granity, just 25 minutes north of Westport, New Zealand.

This is where he embarked on a significant restoration journey with the purchase of Ghost Lodge. This historic building, originally constructed in the 1880s as a butcher’s shop, carries a rich legacy. Established in 1894 by Mr. W. E. Guy, who previously managed a butchery in Denniston, the shop changed hands in 1901 to Mr. Austin. It later became known as Austin and Friends after Mr. Friend joined as a partner in 1905.

During the restoration, Simon discovered an old order book from 1899, a tangible link to the past that listed the butcher’s regular customers, adding a unique layer of history to the project. Over the years, the building underwent various transformations before Simon took on the task of its final modernisation.

Simon’s vision for Ghost Lodge was not just to refurbish but to preserve and celebrate its historical essence. With immense thought and care, he  has utilised recycled native New Zealand timbers and reclaimed doors to maintain the building’s original charm and character. These efforts  have ensured that the lodge retains a sense of its bygone era, marked by substance and quality.

Today the lodge stands as a warm and inviting retreat, perfect for families and large groups seeking the serenity of the West Coast. Simon’s dedication to honoring the building’s heritage while integrating modern comforts has resulted in a unique space that pays homage to its storied past.

A key feature of the project encompassing years of work includes a beachfront retaining seawall, which not only protects the lodge from the coastal elements but also provides guests with a stunning viewpoint to admire the rugged landscape.

This thoughtful addition highlights Simon’s foresight in enhancing the property in harmony with the natural surroundings to enhance guest safety and enjoyment.

Simon’s background in motorcycle racing, particularly in the BEARS circuit, aligns perfectly with the spirit of Ghost Lodge.

The lodge is now a welcoming spot for motorcycle enthusiasts touring the South Island or those seeking a weekend getaway from places like Nelson or Christchurch.

The lodge’s spacious setup and Simon’s own love for the open road have made it a favored spot among biking groups, who find camaraderie and a home away from home on their travels.

Simon Rooke (your host), pictured with Nick Jeffries – Isle of Man TT winner, Britten Rider

Beyond his racing background, Simon’s affection for dogs has deeply influenced the lodge’s ethos.

Understanding the importance of pets in many travelers’ lives, Simon has made the Ghost Lodge into a pet-friendly destination, where guests to share their coastal adventures with their four-legged companions.

Being pet-friendly has made the lodge a very popular holiday getaway location for domestic travelers and families to enjoy the freedom and experience of the great outdoors.

The property frontage is fenced, and includes dog friendly amenities such as heated outside kennels, a secure dog run and a large back garden which leads out onto the beach.

Dogs are welcome with prior notice, please contact Simon directly if you are planning to bring your pooch.

In every aspect, from the comprehensive renovation to the personal touches that reflect Simon’s interests and values, Ghost Lodge stands as a testament to the possibility of transformation guided by passion and respect for both heritage and the natural environment.

It’s more than just a place to stay; it’s a destination that captures the essence of the West Coast and the heart of its steward, Simon, making it a cherished holiday destination for those who visit.